Create your first intelligent app with Microsoft Azure.

This post is part of a series of post about Azure Bot Service

As we know Microsoft Azure is an intelligent cloud that offers us a bunch of services to give the power to our applications and organizations to beat in the Digital Transformation era, giving us the ability to achieve more.

Azure Bot Service

In this post, we gonna learn about Azure Bot Service. Azure Bot Services is a service that can be leveraged from Azure, this service offers a set of tools that can be used for the developers to build intelligent bots.

This intelligent bots can interact naturally with users through a range of services. For this exercise, you will need a Microsoft Azure subscription there several ways to get one for FREE you can take a look in the links listed below:

So now we know where we gonna host our bots, let’s get hands dirty with a few clicks and code.

Go to Azure Portal

Go to:

At first instance, the portal gonna look like this:

Then Select + Create a resource, followed by AI + Machine Learning, then Web App Bot.

So now in the New Web App Bot page, we gonna fill all the required configurations:

Let’s take a quick look in the configurations properties:

Setting ValueDescription
Bot namechoose a unique nameThis name must be unique within Azure, so make sure a green checkmark appears next to it.
Subscription Select your subscriptionSelect your Azure subscription.
Resource Group. Select Create new and use the name ymatias-tutorialSelect an existing or create a new resource group to hold the resources for this exercise.
LocationSelect the region closest to you from the drop-downSelect the location where the bot should be located.
Pricing tierF0A basic free tier for this app.
App nameLeave defaultThe default value is populated based on your bot name. You can change this if you’d like a different name for the web app, or leave the default value.

Now we gonna select the template that we’re going to use to create our bot, I selected Echo Bot

Then,  select App service plan/Location, followed by Create New, then create an App Service plan named «qa-bot-service-plan» or something similar in the same region that you selected in the prior step. Click OK to close the view.

Once you finish to set up your app service, Click Create at the bottom of the «Web App Bot» panel to start the deployment. Usually, the deployment can take 2 minutes or less.

Select Resource groups in the left-hand sidebar, and click on the resource group name that we already create in the previous step.

Behind the scenes, a lot happened when the Azure Web App Bot was deployed.

  • A bot was created and registered in Azure.
  • An Azure Web App was created to host the bot.

The next step is to take the Q & A Bot Template

See you in my next post!

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